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Personalized Learning Program (PLP)




The Personalized Learning Program (PLP) offers customized learning solutions designed for children with varied learning needs, providing a safe and fun setting for them to learn academic and other key developmental skills in an educational and therapeutic context customized to suit their individual strengths and abilities.


PLP uses a student centered approach to meet the individual goals of each child. Resources, facilities, curriculum (IEPs) and learning materials are organized based on individual needs of the child. In this environment, each child will receive the attention they need from all staff and specialists to support him/her in all aspects of his or her development.



Comprehensive Learning Solutions


At PLP, we promote the development of children’s cognitive, communication, motor, and social skills through educational and therapeutic interventions most appropriate for each child.  As each child has a unique set of needs, we examine each child’s skill level, develop a profile, and then create an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) which lists specific goals and objectives for each child.  We then match instructional and therapeutic techniques to the individual learning strengths and needs of each child in these areas of academics, communication, socialization, and behavior development. We follow a 3-step process to achieve this.


Step 1

Our first step is to identify the long-term educational and developmental goals for the child, and create an IEP- Individualised Educational Plan. The IEP is created keeping in mind needs and the goals  of the child.  


Step 2

The second step is assessing to determine what level the child will start. At PLP we understand and work at the child’s pace and abilities. We understand that often children can be at different levels for different subjects and we weave ourselves to meet the individual requirements for each child.


Step 3

Our third step is making our IEP work for the child and and how he/she needs to be supported. The long term goals are broken into smaller  goals and a weekly workflow is created. Every goal should be achievable and the best way forward is making the child aware about his/her needs and goals and involving them as accountable and responsible partners in their learning journey.




In our PLP, we create a learning environment which is not only conducive for academic development but also develops the child as a whole - we also work on social-emotional and self management aspects of the child.


Learning experiences are tailored based on the learning profile and goals of each child.

Our goal is to fully support, engage the child so that he/she is learning, thriving and is happy.


At PLP we maintain an optimal teacher-student ratio of 2 children per learning coach.

We, in close collaboration with the parents, design and execute customized programs for every child including both instruction and therapy using individualized curricular material, to ensure best learning outcomes for the  children.




The PLP meets the needs of a wide range of children. From those who want to work at advanced, accelerated levels to those who need intensive support. PLP provides a right mix of support and academic structure. PLP is for:


  • Young children who can benefit from intensive early intervention

  • Children who need extensive support on a daily basis

  • Children with learning needs who require more structured academic support than international schools can provide

  • Children in transition who are going from or to international schools but need some in between time

  • Children who work better in a small-group environment

  • Children who want to work independently, at the right pace at the right level and with the right mix of classes and curriculum.


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