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PLP Services

Bridging &
Transition Program

The PLP bridging program is to help children who are not attending school regularly and require more assistance before entering school. The aim of the program is to ensure a smooth transition into a formal education setting and prepare the child for the next academic mile stone.  The focus on school preparedness and readiness to help the student face the learning journey in school.


  • Frequency, intensity and length of the program is customized, based on each student's needs

  • Intensive coaching and learning

  • Bridging gaps for academic readiness in literacy &  numeracy

  • Inquiry based projects and critical thinking skills

  • Building nonacademic readiness skills such as self management and positive work habits

  • Integration activities to to prepare children for inclusion into mainstream school


Literacy & Numeracy Intervention Program (LNIP)
1:1 Education Therapy

At The Clinic, Education therapists provide support with academic skills like literacy and numeracy to children with varied learning needs. Sessions are conducted 1:1 after school hours, and designed to strengthen learning foundations, reinforce what the child is learning at school, and/or provide front-loading of academic content for children who learn better with repetition.

Children with difficulties in the following areas would benefit from education therapy:

  • Phonics — identifying and working with letter sounds

  • Spelling

  • Reading fluency and/or comprehension;

  • Numerical operations and concepts;

  • Sentence construction;

  • Compositions and essays


This program is designed for children who need support in the development of their literacy and/or numeracy skills. The program is structured according to the learning needs and style of the child. The students receive intensive intervention to support them in developing the appropriate skills .

Art Class Girl
Nursery Play
Learn to Read
Happy Kids Huddle
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Kid's Drawing
Boy Coloring
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